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5 things a drummer needs to know before going on stage 002


·     Warm Up

Warming up is probably one of the most crucial things you can do before you go on stage. This doesn’t just apply to drummers; it applies to everyone. Warming up can be the difference between a good comfortable show or a show where you’re sweating harder than last week’s cardio session. We have some great warm up routines on our “Downloads” section of the website that you can take with you for every show. 

·     Don’t overload on food

Don’t get me wrong, smashing a big mac meal with chicken nuggets is the dream, however eating the right thing will give you less heart burn on stage…Sometimes it can be tempting to over eat when you’ve been on the road for 10 hours straight, but the best thing you can do is stay away from heavy foods and stick to the lighter foods packed with good nutrition and vitamins. BORING I know, but seriously it helps. By keeping your diet to the lighter food’s, it stops you feeling sluggish and burned out on stage, we tend to advise eating 1-2hrs before stage time. 

·     2 Vital Stage Items

There aren’t many things as a drummer you will need to walk on stage with…Other than a whole drum kit during change over, I’m looking at you bass players you and your plug and play kemper/helix. 

However, there are two vital items which we swear by taking. 

Firstly, water. Keeping hydrated is vital. 1 or 2 bottles of water is generally my rule for every half an hour I play. If you’re playing a high intensity set and you’re chugging a red bull to get pumped, then make sure it’s a good half hour before playing. The other main thing I make sure I walk on stage with is a towel. Honestly, if there is one thing every drummer forgets but NEEDS, it’s a towel. There is nothing worse than trying to wipe sweat out of your eyes with your already sweaty arm…It just doesn’t work, and it’s not 2004 anymore, sweatbands aren’t cool. 

·     Optimise Storage. 

Do you know how many times hard cases are tripped over in a venue because there is low lighting and most people are drunk? We don’t either. But we have seen it happen enough times to know this is a point. THINGS GET STOLEN. That’s a real thing unfortunately people, your valuable goods are also valued by others who are lazy and don’t want to pay for things. Make sure once you have sound checked that your gear gets placed in a secure location AND then make sure your dead’s (Empty Cases) are tucked away in a secure location also. I mean, if they steal the cases then you’re left worrying whether your pink sparkle kit wont sparkle as hard anymore. And nobody wants that.

·     Being on time, is late. 

It’s always unreliable drummers that make the name for every other reliable drummer out there. You don’t want to be that person. And excuses like, “Bro it’s a free bar tonight so I was there…Obviously” and “Sorry man, I was on the toilet” really don’t cut it. 

Know your stage time and be ready side of stage at least 5 minutes before you’re NEEDED there, not 5mins before stage time. Big difference. I always say if you’re on time, you’re late. Being early in this situation especially is never a bad thing, so many unexpected things can go wrong and the general vibe around you is stress.

Since you’ve spent so much time warming up and getting ready for the show, don’t undo your prep by being late. 

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