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Is intimidation a good thing? 004


This week’s blog is touching on a subject ‘stay in your own lane’.  You will often find you’re comparing yourself to other drummers, guitarists, vocalists, producers or whatever you do, this is completely natural in human nature. However, you shouldn’t let this overwhelm you. Instead, you should be inspired.

I know how it feels, you turn up to a gig or jam night and one or two of the musicians who you are playing alongside are leaps and bounds ahead of you in skill level, they have all the chops, licks or scats that you could dream off. You’re first thought process is ‘how am I going to follow that’, or ‘what will people think of me now’… well let’s face it for a start, if you’re a drummer, the audience very rarely cares, just as long as you are tight and can hold down a beat. A great example of this is Michael Jacksons drummer ‘Jonathan Moffett’. If you watch any of his videos, he doesn’t spend the whole time chopping around the kit, instead he just sits in the pocket, but man he does it well. In its own way, this is more impressive than the Mike Mangini drum solo. (Check both of these drummers out if you haven’t already!)

So how do we really deal with this feeling of ‘not being good enough’. If you’re playing alongside drummers, or any musicians who are ahead of you then look at it as inspiration, not a slap to the face. They will no double have been in the same situation as you before (Unless you’re a total machine like Chris Turner or Tony Royster Jr.). When was the last time you watched a YouTube video of a drummer who you like and came away afterwards feeling disheartened or down… well if you’re anything like me…. Never. You feel elated and inspired, so why should this change in a live environment?

Set yourself goals that will push you to that next level and if you have a gig with a drummer or musician that might dishearten you, just take a step back and think, “this is a goal I’m working towards, I will get there, I just haven’t yet.”

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