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When is a good time to execute? 005


So…I have just come home from my EU tour with Our Hollow, Our Home. I had a 1000-mile drive home from Slovakia Sunday night into Monday. We made it home by Tuesday morning 5am UK time. Slept for 5 hours. Then what? 


I had a job list as long as my arm to execute in the studio, I had clients messaging me all week whilst on tour and a lot of Development Plans to catch up on. This is my element! I absolutely love seeing a list full of jobs where I can get stuck into bringing value to the community we are building. However, I had LITERALLY JUST DRIVEN 800 ODD MILES AFTER 10 DAYS ON TOUR!


Now. Past Nick would’ve slept for 3 hours gotten up and started smashing through the jobs, but as I’ve grown I have realised that the quality of work would dip within the first two days back from tour, or I would be getting frustrated where I would have to catch up on small jobs. I would quickly find myself tired, and finding simple tasks would take longer than usual. This time round though, I have listened to my body and not hit the gym yet or started tackling big tasks. 


I guess the point I’m trying to get across is don’t beat yourself up for taking a few days to recharge. And RECHARGE is the word I really want you to focus on, not escape. Escapism is something people do when they’re not happy with what they’re doing in life. When you choose to take a few days to recharge its absolutely ok! Just don’t get complacent or lazy.


Allocate yourself a set few days and work on YOUR time schedule. Too many times I see people trying to emulate a schedule that doesn’t suite themselves. I full well know that I cant take a full day off or I feel sluggish and worse, so I personally knock one or two easy jobs off the list as I go! But once these few days are over and I’m back in the seeping/eating/gyming pattern. I will have my foot fully on the Gas again and the 5am starts return. As Gary Vee says…”You don’t get good at push ups by reading about them…”.

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