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Minimising 'Off Days' 007


We all have off days; this is a fact. It’s how we deal with them which is most important. Off days can come at any point, sometimes if you’ve been playing for a long period of time, this can follow due to mental and muscle tiredness. Learning to recognise these situations is vital. I apply a few simple rules to help prevent getting more off days than necessary.


Rule 1:            Don’t overdo it.

There’s a physical and mental limit to everything we do. If you find yourself getting tired (or in my case hungry), this is a sign from your body to STOP. As humans our optimal concentration time is 20 minutes. For instance, if I’m practicing, I generally practice for 20mins, take a 10min break, get some water…and or food… and then practice for another 20mins, this helps optimise my concentration and physical ability, therefore helping prevent an off day.


Rule 2:            Eat and drink.

As I’ve talked about before in previous blogs, it’s important to eat and drink not just the right amount but the right thing. Keeping a nutritious diet and drinking plenty of water is an important part of keeping you fit and ready to play. Remember treat being a musician the same way as you would being an athlete.


Rule 3:            Recognise when you’re fatigued.

If you’ve had a long or hard gig, you’re likely to experience some fatigue. It is important to recognise this. Rest up, take a day off practicing and let your mind and body recover. Obviously if you are on a tour this is not always possible. It is still however important to rest. Take the day you might have traveling and rest until you get to the next venue for soundcheck, avoid putting your body through any unnecessary strain.


I hope these rules shed some light on ways to minimalize your off days. Over time you

will start to learn the signs your own body gives you and adapt and make your own

rules to stick to. Remember, LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.

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