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Practice Makes Progress 009


We all know the term ‘practice makes perfect’. Well, define perfection… yeah, it’s pretty hard right! When is something really perfect? Well in my eyes at least there is no such thing. So, for this reason the phrase I use instead is ‘practice makes progress’. This is much more of an inspiring phrase to me as my pure aim in life is to always progress, because let’s face it if I ever did reach whatever I’d define as ‘perfection’, then what would be the next step, what’s the point?


Setting yourself simple daily or weekly practice goals will help you achieve your larger long term goals. These long term goals can be different for everyone, it maybe playing Download Festival for some or being able to make enough money to live off your craft for others, so it is important to set the smaller daily/weekly goals in alignment to help you reach your longer term goals.


Practicing the “boring stuff” like rudiments/scales or playing to a click can be some of the most important things you do. Especially if you’re young this can be the last thing you want to be doing, I know it was for me… but trust me, it pays off. It’s all part of your personal progress and plays an essential part in reaching your long term goals.

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