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Invest in your future (Guest Write Up) 010


As a special edition of the blogs, we have the guest writer this week!

Meet Wynter Prior.

Wynter is a well known successful producer in the Brighton area, is known for his guitar playing in the band End of Daze and has a work ethic that matches our own.

See what he has to say about building your future as an artist or band.

Invest in your future 

 Guest Writer - Wynter Hereward Prior 

If you’re not willing to invest in yourself as an artist, why should labels and more importantly, why should fans?

I recently caught up with a fantastic videographer (Shaun Hodson, Loki Films). Who told me this story:

He was in the studio, sat with the head of a major label’s A&R team. He observed as the head would open emails from bands sending in their music and then quickly dismiss them during the first few seconds, without even listening to their music. 

After observing this happen numerous times, he asked “You’re not really giving them much of a chance” to which the head shot back with,

  “If a band isn’t going to invest in quality, they’re not invested in themselves and therefore why should we invest our money into them”

 I cannot possibly tell you how many clients myself and colleagues have lost due to the “cheaper mate”, only for them to come running back when they realise that the prices are set that way for a reason. 

 Artists should strive for the BEST possible recording, the BEST possible videos, the BEST designs and make it their absolute mission to strive for the highest level of quality in everything that they do. In order to stand out from the masses and get noticed, this is vital to making your band succeed. 


Wynter Prior // Audio Engineer // Musician 

AudioBeach Studios , Brighton 

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