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Focus 012


Last week I talked about pushing through the hard times and not giving up.

If you have a vision for where you want to be or where you want to go then stick to it because its worth it.

Today…I’m going to talk about something other people don’t talk about.

Focus during the good times.

When you have a goal to work towards, half the fun is working towards said goal. The challenge of getting better and closer to whatever it is you’re trying to achieve snowballs the fire inside of you. Hard work towards something you love is good for the soul. Once you’ve hit the goal, thats amazing! But then what? What is filling your time with such passion? With such drive? Completing your goal can cause you to take your eye off of the bigger picture.
When you’re absolutely crushing it, it’s super easy to forget to forward think, you can get caught up in the elated emotions you have from doing so well. Everybody talks when you feel really negative, they talk about motivating yourself to get back on your feet. But what about when you’re flying? What about when you’ve had a week where things just keep getting better? What about when the universe throws unexpected gifts your way, or opens a door to great opportunity?

My advice when you’re having the time of your life is two main points.

#1 Forward plan.

#2 Ground yourself against heightened emotions.

#1 You should have an action plan for when you complete your goal. Has the goal been so intense you need time to recover? Is there an incentive you’ve set yourself if you achieve the goal? You should take into account how long it should REALISTICALLY take to achieve your goal and then create a plan around that. In this, there should be a plan for when you’re going to be buzzing off the walls because you’re awesome and you’ve achieved what you set yourself up to do. There should be a specific guideline for what you’ll do with extra income, what you’ll do for extra work. OF COURSE ENJOY THE SUCCESS. But don’t get complacent because of it! The moment you start to bask in your glory without a plan is the moment you lose focus.

Its hard to get to the top. Its even harder to stay there.

Not when you have a plan! Not when you have literally planned for success!

#2 Grounding yourself when emotions are high. Whether they’re positive or negative.
This might sound a little weird and the rest of the blog might sound weird that i’m telling you to ground yourself against positive emotions. But, what goes up must come down. And too often i’ve seen people get absorbed in the wins they have and they forget about the process, then they come crashed back down to earth when reality hits and its back to the hard work, OR they miss an opportunity because they’re too busy celebrating the success from before.

Again, its not bad to be excited, happy and celebrating your wins.

Just make sure when you do, you’re still keeping your eye on the ball and you’re working the process.

Focusing in the good times is just as important as pushing through the bad times.

Work Hard.

Be Happy.

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