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Reflection 011


 So…It’s the 6/09/2019, 7am. It is cold outside, but not unbearable it’s more like well needed fresh air. I’m sat in the studio listening the new Killswitch Engage album and organising my list of jobs to do today as well as filling in my journal.

My morning routine is done, and I am fully prepared for today.

Morning Routine – 

6am wake up latest. Aim for 5am. 


-      Drink water

-      Stretch/light exercises

-      Breakfast

-      Read current book (At least ten pages)

-      Financial chart work

-      Journal


Simple routine. 

It suddenly dawned on me that I have been out of retail work for 2 years now! Six Point Media is technically 2 years old! I mean the concept started as Horizon Productions, developed from the ideology that I was going to provide the best mixing//mastering available to a community of hard-working musicians. It evolved into Horizon Studios with Six Point Media becoming a parent company. Finally, over the last year it has fully merged into just Six Point Media. So really the Six Point Media birthday is January 2019.

Horizon Productions started with ZERO capital. I literally took a leap of faith. I worked in co-op for 6 years (2011-2017) and this gave me the unreal ability to fund my passion before I took the leap, not to mention the thousands I poured into the bands over the years! 

I worked a 40hr week, hit the gym 5 times a week, was in 2 bands, did university, ran a studio and taught guitar//drums for that six years.

This insane work schedule was the biggest learning curve to date. It taught me to develop skills you can’t be taught, only told about. 

 What I mean by that? 

 I would not still be here 2 years on trying to build my business if I did not have the looming memories of how STRESSED and UNHAPPY I was in a job that did not fulfil my soul guided desire. There was a fire inside of me to achieve greater things than I was achieving. 

Don’t get me wrong, in 2015 I joined Our Hollow, Our Home and within a year was in magazines like Kerrang!, Metalhammer and Rocksound. I even was on Tv. Still really weird. That in itself is still mental to me! Childhood bucket list items being ticked off. 

BUT everything with Hollow was the working of a band. I needed to do something specifically for myself. 

I’m sat at my desk now and remembering what it was like when I started Horizon Productions. I had NO website…NO branding…NO business. I had a few potential people who would become my first clients, (Thank you Jamie Morgan+Band!), and a crazy desire to succeed in a heavily saturated industry. My mindset was still very young in what I knew, (I’m still heavily learning everyday), I didn’t have refined skills In recording, I mean I wasn’t the worst, but I sure as hell wasn’t the best walking into this cut throat industry. I had ZERO financial awareness for running capital and even saving capital! I had no plan.

I have progressed a disgusting amount in 2 years. And I often don’t realise it. 

Six Point Media is a full functioning business model now with incredibly awesome clients. My clients are now some of my closest friends. They are people who want to live for something more than the mainstream. Not because the mainstream is bad. But because the mainstream is not what makes them HAPPY.

During my 2-year journey I have nearly quit SO many times. Like it’s unbelievable I’m still going based on the self-doubt I’ve had.

My biggest point I want you to take away from my ramblings from this Friday morning. 

Don’t sleep on the opportunity your brain is telling you to take. 

Just as long as it’s something you love doing daily. 

Once you have this in your mind that you’re going to do it. 

Work your ass off….Productively…

The amount of time I wasted being “Busy” is hilarious but was also crucial to me developing such a intense work ethic. 


These hard times are massively shaping you to be a better version of yourself, it is the universe testing you and testing whether you want it bad enough. So just work “The Process”. Create a morning routine. Plan your day the night before.

Focus on the Macro. (Bigger Picture). 

If you have an incredible idea that you want to develop and you need help with this. 

Drop me a message and we’ll chat. 

Don’t wake up in 20/30/40 years regretting not trying. 



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