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We took on AR Autos with no social media presence. Establishing a coherent brand online was the first objective. Once this was achieved, we moved onto a website update as well as a YouTube strategy. The main goal was to move 80% of their bookings from bookmygarage to direct bookings. Within a year we flipped that figure so 80% of bookings are direct now. 

Social Media Strategy 

A posting strategy across all platforms to establish brand mastery online. We then moved onto a YouTube strategy to drive sales.

Website Development

A website refresh in order to make quick changes. Updating the content to match the output on all other platforms. 

Increase in sales

We focused on print marketing and adding presence to car shows. The on the ground marketing drove people to the online funnels.

We’ve been working with Six Point Media for nearly three years now and could not rate them any higher. They have such an eye for detail and drive for perfection and I cant thank them enough for helping us move the business forward! They work tirelessly to help you achieve your targets and nothing is ever too much trouble!

The Golden Suite 🚀

We started with some videos for marketing purposes. From this, we moved into a full time social media role, posting every day on platforms Instagram & Tik Tok. The goal to become masters within the forex trading industry on social media. 

Video Marketing

Videos used for paid ads, websites and social media. From this, we wanted to create a more consistent stream of people to the website.

Social Media Strategy

Our ongoing goal has been to flood social media with The Golden Suite brand and now the new brand XXXXClub.  

Increase in sales

Pushing social media consistently has given the opportunity for more sales to The Golden Suite. It opens doors you don’t see. 

I decided to use Six Point Media over the other options that I found online, because when I looked at their portfolio of content I could see they were very experienced and the quality really stood out for me. Since the first time I used Six Point Media for content, I’ve now gone on to work with them on a monthly basis to create all of my social media content and to manage the channels as well.

Turkuaz Winchester 🍾

We took over Turkuaz Winchesters’ social media. Directly after their launch, they were unhappy with another firm and the content being produced, so they signed up to our top retainer to bring daily posts and a new online brand. 

Social Media Branding

Check out their Instagram as this is the main channel they wanted to focus on! Lots of high end videos and aesthetically pleasing photography. 

Website Design Facelift

With a new social media presence, we turned to the website. This needed to look better and work better than it did. The website got completely remade. 

In House Design

Turkuaz offers virtual darts In their “social”. We noticed there was no branding or imagery on the screens in between games, so we jumped into Adobe and whipped up some marketing. 

My main aim is to scale other peoples businesses with them by showing them the power of social media when it is utilised to its full potential.
I work on results and ROI, whilst deploying patience and perspective into my work.
We are creatives, who have already scaled projects from small startups to corporate projects.

Elevate Fitness 💪

Elevate were a brand new start up, taking over from Orange Theory in Winchester. The core business goal was to achieve over 150 sign ups In the first month. Working together with them, we achieve over 170! 

Social Media Branding

Check out their Instagram as this is the main channel they wanted to focus on! Lots of high end videos and aesthetically pleasing photography. 

Content Creation

With a new social media presence, we looked at building a community with them. Their customer base is the main selling point of Elevate. 


Working 12hrs a day gives the team next to no time to sit and focus on creating content let alone posting it. We’ve taken over the channels with our social media strategy. 

We have been working with SixPoint to open our new boutique fitness studio in Winchester, Hampshire. They have totally transformed our social presence. I couldn’t recommend the company more. Konnor, Nic and Bobby have been a pleasure to work with. The price is worth it!!!

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