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Six Point Media started with a vision. 

We want to achieve the highest quality work for our clients, with as little stress involved as possible. The music industry is ever changing, and we feel that we bring the most honest and genuine work ethic to a massively oversaturated industry. 

Our aim when it comes to recording is to provide the best quality and not focus too heavily on getting you in & out of the studio. We fully understand the business aspect of a working recording studio, but we also believe that the industry has gone mad fighting for space in such a fast-moving world. We want you to come into the studio and experience a professional, high quality recording session, rather than a fast-paced time scaled project. 

When you book a session with Six Point Media, our overall goal is not simply to record a project on your behalf, but to produce you at the same time. We love getting creative with your projects by adding the finishing touches to complete the sound you’re looking for. 

We don’t just stop there; our aim is to look after our clients with our unique development plan. Your project is more to us than just business, we get involved in creating the project with you, so we would like to see it heard by as many people as possible! 

Through both of our experiences in the music industry we have the knowledge on how to market and brand your project.

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The Team


Founder // Producer // Drummer // Guitarist

Nicholas Taliadoros

I started Six Point Media by quitting my retail job in September 2017, the company was previously known as Horizon Productions and later changed to Horizon Studios. My aim at the time was to become the south-coasts top mixing and mastering engineer. After recording multiple bands of different genres, my passion in fact lay in the process after recording. This is where the development plans were born.

I found that there were a lot of people working within the industry who were not delivering enough value to their clients, but in the same breath were expecting monthly pay packets for their “Work”. This did not sit well with me when their were so many incredible bands who weren’t getting the recognition they fully deserved.

My aim and my focus is to bring value to the industry by providing clients with a phenomenal service that motivates and inspires them to achieve more. I have always loved helping people succeed in goals they never thought were possible. This is my reason for Six Point Media.

Alongside this business I am the drummer in the band, Our Hollow, Our Home. Through my time in Hollow I have learnt how to progress with a band from the start to a touring level. We did this without the backing of a label and focussed more on branding the band. Our main goal was to become more accessible to our fans, bringing them further value than they would find elsewhere.

Since setting out we’ve played numerous headline runs in Europe and the UK, supported some of our favourite bands and even played prestigious festivals such as, Graspop, Slam-dunk UK, Nova Rocks, Summerblast and Rock Maraton.

I have always aimed to use the best brands whilst drumming for Our Hollow, Our Home.

I am currently very proudly endorsed by:
Sabian Cymbals
Vater Drumsticks



BA Hons
Music Business//Production 2016

Strengths // Accreditations

  • Touring // Studio // Drummer

  • Studio // Guitarist

  • Mixing // Mastering

  • Producer

  • Development Plan Coach



Founder // Session and Studio Drummer

Konnor Bracher-Walsh

Before Six Point Media was created, I began my professional career at the age of 18. I became the in-house session drummer and drum teacher at the largest recording studio south of London. The studio was home to musicians such as ‘Chris Wood’ (bassist for Spice Girls and Billy Ocean) and producers such as ‘Mark Hill’ (producer for Craig David and part of ‘Artful Dodger’). From working in this studio and with the contacts I gained, my knowledge and experience grew exponentially. This knowledge and experience is what helped me start my first business.

I founded Six Point media at the beginning with Nick originally to upscale the studio. Since then, we have found that where we are is a prefect location for doing more than just recording. I’m working mostly behind the scenes with Six Point Media and primarily focus on recording all of our drum content that is released on our social media. My focus with Six Point Media, is to take on new projects and use the knowledge I have learned to help push new artists in the right direction. My aim long term with Six Point Media, is to branch out of just the music industry, and start helping marketing companies get the best content.

As well as running Six Point Media, I also drum for the band “Acres” and tour several times a year across Europe and the UK. The band have been established for several years with myself joining in 2018. We have seen success in the EP ‘In Sickness & Health’ and even more so from our new album ‘Lonely World’. Singles form the album were premiered on BBC Radio 1 and Kerrang!. With the album being received so well, we have been given opportunities to play some of the worlds largest festivals including Wacken Open Air.

I am proud to not only be growing our business, but to be growing and maximising our clients potential too.

I proudly endorse:
Vater Drumsticks

Strengths // Accreditations

  • Session/Studio Drummer

  • Development Plan Coach

  • Drum Tutor

  • Online Marketing



Photographer //

Shaun Jones

I’ve had a passion for photography for the last 8 years.

Over that time I have found my focus lies in Music and Documentary.

Photographing live music events, promotional band shoots and behind the scenes photos on video shoots is something I have been developing for the last 3 years. I love providing bands with images that can help push marketing and branding, giving them content to push their projects to new clients.

When I’m not shooting music, I enjoy working with start up companies. I love documenting the process and journey of people who have a genuine passion for their craft. This is why I have chosen to represent Six Point Media, as I share the same value system of hard work and putting the client first.



BA Hons
Photographic Journalism

Strengths // Accreditations

  • Time Management

  • Driven Work Ethic

  • Easy to work with

  • Flexible Schedule