Six Point Media


Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Artist Development and Tuition.


Areas of Practice


Recording Studio

We have years of song writing experience between our producers and love bouncing ideas off of each other. We love working on your projects and don’t believe in just clicking record. When you come into the studio we give you the best creative environment to get the best out of your music.

As a Studio we believe recording is not just about the physical process of creating a record, it is also the experience the artist has in the studio. Being comfortable in your environment and the people you are recording with can make a major difference to influencing your final product. Therefore we have built our studio environment with these factors in mind and shaped ourselves as people around this concept.

Mixing and Mastering

We have worked incredibly hard to get a professional studio quality sound with our mixing and mastering, we have invested in the most up to date leading plugins in the industry and continue to educate ourselves to develop our style even further. This enables you as an artist, to have your songs ready for radio, TV, streaming and socials, creating a perfect balance for your consumers. 

We start from scratch with every single project, meaning you don’t get a preset ‘slapped’ onto your mix/master. It is a unique sound perfected for you. We pride ourselves on our quick turn around and hard work ethic. 

Each project is unique to the individual, so don’t be afraid to message us and we can talk about your project and what would work best for you personally. Alternatively, drop into the studio for a coffee and a chat about how we can further your sound and your career!

Ghost writing

If you have lyrics and can sing, then we have multiple producers who can write you a song behind the scenes.

Get in contact today to find out how we can help you on your musical journey.

artist development

Here at Six Point Media, we have developed a plan to help artists set goals and align a path they can follow.

We as musicians, have gone to countless producers and videographers who have given us a specific product without fully focusing on how we were planning to use it. We’ve spoken to numerous managers who claim to be experienced enough to give us advice on what we’re doing, however they themselves have never broken the local music scene and more often than not are unable to do what they claim they can for their clients.


Advertising nowadays has changed and is drastically moving at a faster pace than ever before. We strive to create the most effective content for companies to build their social media reach.

With our experience using social media in the music industry we have tried and tested the best ways to advertise your products online.

drum wrapping

If you have the drum kit of your dreams but it just isn’t the correct colour, then get it vinyl wrapped here with us!

We take extra care of your drums by dismantling them and cleaning each part of your pride and joy. We replace your drum heads and tune the kit to how you have it.

Drum lessons 

Combined, we at Six Point Media have 30+ years of experience behind the kit, teaching for the last 8 of them, both Konnor and Nick now tour the EU and UK regularly as well as working as session drummers not just in the studio but live to. With a motivating yet accommodating attitude to teaching, we push our students to the best of their potential.

Whether playing to de-stress, hobby, improve co-ordination or be the next big drummer, we adhere to everyones aspirations going from the very basics , techniques and theory all the way up to expert level.

Guitar Lessons 

Premium guitar lessons from one of the most experienced musicians on the south coast.

Teaching ages from 7+, Nick has 10 years of playing and 7 years of teaching behind him. We move with the students pace of progression, working with them to achieve goals they want to on their journey.

We believe it is important to feel motivated where ever you’re practicing or playing and with Nick’s extensive touring experience and time in the industry, you will learn how to play like a pro!

From hobby to aspiring career, we cater to everyones personal preference. One thing is certain, you will feel motivated after every lesson!

guitar teching

We have partnered up with Parkhurst Guitars to give you the best quality guitar tech in the south of the UK.

If you need your guitar set up to a specific tuning or a repair of any kind, this is the guy you’re looking for!